It Once Hurt

You thought it was the end of the world, you didn’t want them to go, wishing it didn’t have to be that way. But it was, it was and it is, own the situation admit that it has taken over you, because it has, cry your cry, it had to be done we won’t understand or know why but that was how it was suppose to play out. Now situations like these people go through it all differently, if it be 1 month, 3, 8, 1 year so be it because regardless of time you bounce back from that, don’t let it completely dead off the person you once were, the person you fought to be.

Do you feel like you can have that person around? if you can’t. Speak up, you need to move selfish and if thats something you can’t do, then don’t do it. i can not be friends with anyone i have feelings for its not possible, if you can then you don’t really have feelings or your being half hearted friends its very simple to be honest but each to their own, if you want to move on you got to do it proper, do it for you because you want to or you know you need to, being away will defiantly help both of you move on, even if it hurts them, if it hurts you. its temporary pain it won’t last long it don’t ever last, you’ll over come this situation and once its done you’ll wonder what the fuss was all about. use the situation as a lesson, future advice for the next time around.

That hole you feel in your heart, you’ll try to fill it, with other people, other attempts. Stop it, those feelings you feel for the other won’t disappear because someone else is there. stop it your making it worse, your losing yourself more, it won’t help you move on believe me, it has to be you. fill that hole in your heart with you, fill it with the love you have for yourself, unstoppable you’ll be believe me and you will love and be grateful for you. it will always at the end of the day come to knowing your worth and self love. no more no less. No one, no heart break can take you if you’ve forever known how to value you.

Cry your cry, let it all out you’ll feel better i promise you. because tomorrow is a new day, the 1st day of finding yourself again.





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